AFFTC Museum Tour Information

The Air Force Flight Test Center Museum is located at the southern end of Edwards Air Force Base. It houses a collection of historical exhibits and aircraft that have been used to prove or test aerospace systems, including research and development planes that led to developments such as the T-38 Talon, F-15 Eagle, SR-71 Blackbird, U2 Dragonlady, and the X-15 hypersonic rocket plane. The museum also includes an aircraft park with many planes that have flown into or out of Edwards AFB, including a World War II B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped atomic bombs on Japan during the war.

The exhibits are spread throughout two large hangars at the site. Exhibitions include the Blackbird Cafe, located in the original building of what was once a terminal for military flights. The cafe has aircraft memorabilia and artifacts on display, including an ejection seat from an SR-71 Blackbird.

The museum also features two theatres. One is dedicated to aviation film producer Louis H. Gertsner, who produced many films about flight tests and the high desert for use in schools. The other theatre is dedicated to the oral histories of military personnel who worked at Edwards AFB.

The museum opens every day but Christmas from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm (closed Mondays). Admission is $10 per person, with discounts available for children, AFFTC retirees, veterans, current military members and base personnel, and museum members. Admission also includes access to the Blackbird Cafe (restaurant) within the museum.

A bus tour of Edwards is offered for $15 per person. Tour buses are open-air style with bench seating along the sides of the vehicle; visitors can also ride in several of the planes at the aircraft park. A tour van is available for visitors who have mobility issues.

The website is specifically geared to people interested in taking a tour of the AFFTC museum. There are three options for AFFTC museum tours.

The AFFTC museum also has an online store where you can purchase AFFTC memorabilia, AFFTC apparel, AFFTC patches, AFFTC gifts, AFFTC decals, and more AFFTC merchandise, and AFFTC memorabilia

The AFFTC museum is located in Lancaster, California. In order to visit the AFFTC museum, it is necessary to be at Edwards AFB

Currently, Due to Covid-19, the museum is closed to the public. Access is granted to those with Base Access. They offer extensive information on the website about STEM for educators and k-12.

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