What made the Sr-71 so special as a military aircraft? The J58 Engine powered the Sr 71 to its extreme speed and the dynamics of the aircraft were unparalleled to anything of its time. This short blog post will discuss the engine of the SR-71 and show how it worked with a great YouTube video that we have discovered on the j58 engine.

The Sr-71 was a spy plane that could fly at speeds of over 2000mph. This meant that the engine was subjected to incredible G-forces, heat, and pressure. What helped make this possible was an amazing engine called the J58.

The SR-71 blackbird set world records for speed, height, and distance achieved which are still not matched by today’s standards of aircraft. The key to this speed was the blackbird’s engine. The airplane had amazing capabilities beyond any other plane that had come before it, and technology at the time did not allow for this kind of flight.

Theoretically, an airplane flying at speeds of Mach 3 would be subjected to temperatures of over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit on its leading surfaces because of friction with the atmosphere.

Due to the extreme conditions, traditional jet engines would not work for this plane. The J58 was a specially made engine that worked with these unique conditions. So what is the J58? Well, it is essentially a turbojet engine without a turbine section. Interesting stuff!

The powerplant of the sr-71 was amazing. Watch the video below on the powerful J58 engine.