It’s quite popular now to use drones for video photography and it seems like everyone is getting into the field to try their hand at trying this new technology. But, what jobs are available to those who want to dip their toes in the drone market?

Well, there are several opportunities that you can choose from if you decide that drone flying is for you. The most common drone jobs are listed below, along with the requirements to work in that field.

The first job is becoming a commercial pilot.

This job requires you to have the right paperwork and be certified according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines. You would need around forty hours of flight experience before you can take your certification test. You would also need a drone pilot’s license and you can get that by training for thirty hours on a simulator, then an additional thirty-hour of actual flying time before taking the test.

The second job is becoming a professional video shot or photographer.

You will have to have your own camera equipment as well as experience working with drones. You need to know how to operate the equipment and what angles work best. You also need to be able to contribute your creative input on set, as drone shots are really popular right now.

The third job is becoming a search-and-rescue pilot.

This requires you to have an airplane license and experience flying drones for military purposes. You need to have a pilot’s license and be able to learn how to operate the drone properly.

The fourth job is becoming a crop-duster pilot.

You will need experience flying drones for spraying crops, as well as having an airplane pilot’s license. You would also need to be licensed by the FAA and you would need around twenty-five hours of experience flying your drone.

The fifth job is becoming a security pilot.

This requires you to have an airplane license and be able to fly drones safely over crime scenes. You would need permission from the FAA as well as being able to perform skillfully in several conditions that are present with crimes. You would also need around twenty hours of experience flying a drone.

These are just some of the jobs available to those who want to fly drones as their career, but there are other options as well. You can become an instructor or you could become a salesperson for drone manufacturers. These positions might not seem as exciting as being a professional photographer or security pilot, but they still provide a stable income and can be rewarding in their own way.

Although the drone industry is young, there are still plenty of job opportunities available to those who want stable work or even just part-time jobs. You will need experience before you can get hired, but once you have that under your belt, the sky’s the limit! Even if you don’t want to become a drone pilot, there are plenty of other ways to get involved with the industry!

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