Ok so now you have a drone and love to fly it however you need ideas of fun ways to fly your drone. We’ve got you covered. Below is our top 20 list of things you can do with your drone.

  1. Take your drone hiking with you. We all know lot of flying a drone is better when you can fly it at a higher altitude, take your drone with you on your adventures and take some stunning photos from far above.
  2. Downhill Mountain Biking has never been more fun now that you have a drone to film it. Just make sure there are no trees or power lines above the trail…or people for that matter.
  3. Drone Camping may be the newest thing! If you love camping all you need now is a tent, camera, and your best friend aka your drone. You can set up camp in places only accessible by foot & capture things at eye level from where humans can’t go!
  4. Take your drone on a trip! Take an aerial tour of the city/countryside/mountains etc. If you have already covered all the things in your backyard and can’t find any other things to do with your drone it’s time to take a tour.
  5. Film Your Extreme Sport! Recording extreme sports like kite surfing is easier than ever thanks to drones! See things from angles previously unreachable while also avoiding damage to rotor blades & camera equipment.
  6. Take your drone fishing. In fact, now you can purchase specialized drones just for fishing! Some of the features include a line counter so you can know how much is left on your reel, depth finder, & fish tracker.
  7. Play games with your drone. One thing you can do is play catch with your drone. You can also practice your aerial acrobatics such as barrel rolls, flips & more!
  8. Make a music video with your drone. Make an epic music video with your favorite song or original song using an aerial perspective!
  9. Join a drone flying club. It isn’t easy to become a skilled drone pilot. Find a local drone club on Meetup learn things from the experts and meet new people who share your passion.
  10. Join a local drone racing league. Just like with regular racing leagues there are drone racing leagues across the country. You can also purchase pre-assembled drones for things such as FPV(First Person View)
  11. Create a backyard drone obstacle course. You can have fun & improve your drone flying skills by creating your own backyard obstacle course.
  12. Make a time-lapse video with your drone. Your high-quality camera combined with the ability to fly things higher than eye level makes for great time-lapse videos.
  13. 3d map your property. If you own a farm or any other property use your drone along with some software to make an incredible 3d map of your property.
  14. Help find lost pets. If you have a neighbor that may have lost one of their furry friends you can use your drone to help locate their pet and become the neighborhood hero! Just kidding, but it could be a great way to help out a neighbor.
  15. Survey your property after a bad storm. After storms, things can get pretty messy and it is hard to know if things are safe. Use your drone to do an aerial survey of the damage after a storm
  16. Survey your crops or farm. Just like with property, things can get very messy after a bad storm or if things are just growing. Use your drone to check things out before you invest in things such as fertilizer & chemicals
  17. Create an outdoor light show with your drone. The possibilities for creating an epic outdoor light show using drones is now within reach! The sky is the limit here.
  18. Film an epic family event. If you need to shoot things such as a birthday party, wedding, or family reunion things just got a whole lot easier!
  19. Explore caves & waterfalls. There are things in our own backyard we don’t even know exist. Take things to the next level and explore right in your own backyard with your drone and a waterproof camera.
  20. Inspect your home for possible routine maintenance. More things can go wrong with things such as your roof than you may realize. Take things into your own hands and fly on over to inspect things using a first-person view! You will be able to see things that might need immediate attention & smaller things that may just need annual maintenance.

Drones can be used for a lot of different fun activities, this is not an all-inclusive list and we know there are many other ways to utilize your drone. Get out there and be creative, there is a whole world of droning out there. If you liked our top 20 list please feel free to drop a comment down below, as always, Happy Flying!

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