How can I become a better drone pilot?

To start off with we recommend buying a cheap drone and simply learning to fly. Preferably choose a drone that has cheap replacement parts in case you crash it while honing your skills.

There are a lot of inexpensive drones available on the market today but we recommend looking for drones with some of the features we list below. These features will allow you to have a lot of fun flying and learning at the same time.

Let’s talk about features first.

Headless Mode

Headless mode is a feature on most drones today but it can be very helpful. How does headless mode work? With this mode, your drone will always go the same direction when you tell it to go forward, right, or left. No matter where the front of your drone is facing!

This feature can help especially in situations where you have lost orientation, for example, if the sun has set and you cannot see which way your drone is facing. You simply activate Headless Mode and then know that the side which used to be in front will now become wherever you tell it to turn towards! In other words no need to guess anymore if your drone is facing sideways when trying to make turns!

Return to Home

We also recommend finding a quadcopter with the return to home feature. This allows you to press a button and your drone will immediately return home following the path it took when flying out from home.

This is very helpful if you fly too far and lose sight of your drone (which we all do sometimes). How can you find it? Just hit return to home and your drone will follow the same path back that it used to get there! Some drones even feature an automatic low battery return to home feature.

A Decent Camera

We also recommend getting a small camera with your first quadcopter. why have a birds-eye view and not be able to see it? It doesn’t have to be a great quality camera in your first drone. Just attach a small cheap camera to see how it feels! How does this help? Well, you can learn to fly your drone without crashing it into any trees or buildings if you can watch what you are doing from the quadcopter itself.

Flying time and battery life

Another important feature is that of flight time. How long can your battery go before running out? How much fun will you have with only 5 minutes of flying time? Not very much… Most drones today come with at least 10-15 minutes of decent quality flying time, but make sure you choose your drone according to your needs.

Drone Gyro Stabilization

Most new drones have the capability to self-correct when the drone is heading in a way it shouldn’t go. A lot of the older drones did not and they were really easy to crash. How can this be helpful? Well, if you push the stick to make your drone fly forward but it accidentally tilts 25 degrees to one side and starts flying sideways there might be problems. How can such a situation be remedied? Your quadcopter has an autogyro feature that kicks in and automatically levels your copter until you can restart flight control!

Set an Automatic Flight Path

There are a lot of drone manufacturers out there that allow you to use your phone while flying the drone. The auto flight path feature allows you to use their accompanying app and google maps or mapping system to set a flight pattern for your drone to follow automatically. How can this be helpful? Well, you could use the app and google maps in combination with the quadcopters return home feature to have your drone fly out from home, set a flight path towards a certain location, and then have it turn back independent where it started from when returning!


Many inexpensive drones offer GPS positioning and they can be a valuable aid for your drone piloting experience. How can this be helpful? Well, if you start flying the drone too far away or into unknown territory it is easy to lose track of where it is and what direction it’s facing. How can such a situation be remedied? Simply enter the return home feature and hit go! Your quadcopter will turn around and head straight back towards the location from which it took off on its own without any input from yourself! How cool is that?

Now let’s discuss ways to improve your piloting skills.

Flight Simulator Games

For those of you with computers, there are also flight simulator games available on the internet for free. How does this help? Well, if you’ve never flown a drone before these simulators show you how it feels before you take to the sky with one.

Youtube Pilot Videos.

Yes, you can actually learn to fly your drone better on youtube! How does this help? Well, there are a lot of videos out there that show you what experienced drone pilots do to fly better. How a situation is remedied and ways to correct your flight. You can watch these helpful videos and compare them with your own flying habits!

How to Fly A Drone Books

Of course, there are also books for sale online so you can learn how to read the sky, air pressure sensors, etc. How can this be helpful? Well, if you’re ever caught in an emergency situation your knowledge might save your life!

Get More Knowledge About Drones

Learn from others, join a local group or community organization and meet other people who fly drones. How can this be helpful? Well, not only is it a great way to find new friends and study guides but you and your fellow drone flyers can also help each other learn how to fly better! Share your stories with others, learn from one another, test out the best methods for flying safely and quickly, etc.

Online Forums

Don’t forget that there are plenty of online forums as well where you can ask questions about your hobby as well as read through feedback from others who have similar interests.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Of course, the easiest solution to learning to pilot your drone better is simply more flight time! The more you fly your drone and practice maneuverability and correct flight patterns the easier it will become for you!

Drone Pilot Schools

If you are truly looking for better ways to improve your flying skills with your drone, drone pilot schools are also an option. These classes will deep dive into the specifics and handling of drones and all of their features and abilities. How does this help? Such schools will teach you about the best methods for taking off, when to shift your gripping positions when in flight, when to use return home mode, etc. How can such an education drastically improve your drone piloting skills? Well, there are a lot of opportunities out there that may not be feasible for people who have simply learned through experience by trial and error but these drone pilot schools offer training sessions that go over every single feature and option on your drone so that you know exactly what they do and how to apply each one.

How To Fly A Drone: Conclusion

If you wish to learn how to pilot your own quadcopter or other multirotor aircraft we hope these few tips have helped! Has our article been helpful? We’d love to hear from you, leave us a comment below with your thoughts on our article as well as any additional tips that might help our readers better understand How they can become a better drone pilot!

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