Did you know that in 2021 Kroger one of the nation’s largest grocery store chains has started providing drone grocery delivery?

Since the pandemic, the home delivery grocery business has exploded. To navigate the extreme growth Kroger has instituted home delivery systems which include Hives that fill online orders using robots and they have started testing home delivery services via drones.

Kroger has partnered up with Drone Express to start providing home delivery in Centerville Ohio. Originally limited to only a 1-mile radius of the store, now a 2-mile radius, Kroger Drones deliver up to 5lb packages that are kits of small items that you can purchase and have delivered to your door. Each order is hand-selected, boxed and then handed over to an FAA Certified drone pilot. Once ordered you can expect your order within 60 minutes and will be notified by text each step of the way.

Once your order has been flown to your home, the drone will airdrop your package and then fly back to the store to fulfill more orders. Currently, this service is FREE.

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