Are you looking for extra income and also have a drone?

Have you ever thought of being an aerial photographer? If so, you can be getting paid to take drone shots and aerial photos. This is a relatively easy business to get started. Obviously you will need a drone, you will also need to get a commercial drone pilot certification and drone insurance but more on this later.

Step 1: Get a drone and practice flying it.

The most important factor is knowing how to safely navigate your drone to get the perfect shot. A drone that can be programmed on a flight path would be best and this can be done from your tablet or phone. There are a lot of inexpensive drones that have this capability and you can get this side hustle started on a small budget.

Step 2. Make sure you have a great camera.

Make sure the camera you use has sufficient storage. Most drone video footage comes from a GoPro camera because of its small size, high quality, and extremely durable. To get started you can buy a drone with a built-in camera or you can buy a kit to attach a GoPro or attach your DSLR camera to the drone.

Step 3. Make sure you have enough battery storage.

You will need a lot of drone battery power to get the drone in the air for longer periods of time, drones can have up to an hour of flight time. If you are starting out on a budget, you’ll need to invest in more drone batteries.

Step 4. Make sure your drone has GPS tracking capability.

The drone track is called “Return To Home” or “RTH”. This system allows the drone to return safely home if it loses contact with its transmitter, gets low battery power, or has technical difficulties during operation. They also make it easy by programming the RTH function so that when the drone reaches a certain height away from its controller i.e 30ft or 50…it automatically begins its journey

Step 5: You will need drone pilot certification.

This is a requirement to sell your drone photos but is not difficult by any means. In fact, you cannot exchange any drone footage for anything of monetary value, not even a candy bar as this is considered commercial. Therefore before jumping into this side hustle or any side hustle involving your drones you will need to get your pilot’s license. You will also need to register your drone(s) and as a side note, you cannot use a drone that is registered as a hobby drone for commercial purposes. See our article on Hobbyist Drone Registry or follow this Link for Commercial Drone Registry.

There are free sources such as YouTube channels devoted directly to providing videos on how to pass your commercial pilots exam. A paid course can offer you better options and the choice is yours, however, we highly recommend it for your safety and success in the drone industry. We recommend taking a course that will give you all the tools and tips needed to become a drone side hustle entrepreneur quickly and safely.

Check out our article here on becoming an FAA-certified drone pilot. FAA Certified Drone Pilot

Step 6: Market yourself

Market yourself on social media and send samples when applying for gigs.   We recommend creating a LinkedIn account and then adding all your drone piloting certifications and drone photos that you’ve taken in one place online for people or companies looking for an aerial photographer or drone pilot. There are several Facebook groups where you can market yourself without spending any money at all! If someone is interested in hiring you they will ask for some pictures and videos of work that you’ve done. Be sure to get drone insurance before doing this!

As with any business, there are risks involved as well as start-up costs, we are not offering business advice of any sort but offering ideas that anyone with little effort could get started. The drone industry is growing and expected to continue to grow for years to come. If you are a lover of drones why not take advantage of this now. Do your research, start planning and you could be running your own drone aerial photography business in no time.