Have You Heard of Autonomous Flight Drones?

If you are unclear what they are. We will deep dive into this subject and attempt to make you an instant expert. An autonomous drone is a drone that does not need human intervention to fly or do tasks. They can be programmed remotely from a computer or even a mobile app to take off, fly on a designated path, perform a task and then return back to its landing pad.

The ability to remote fly and land drones is amazing and the technology is becoming more and more advanced every day. Now there are remote boxes that can be placed anywhere in the world that are solar-powered and charge drones remotely. These control stations or remote boxes allow the user to program an autonomous drone on a flight pattern from anywhere in the world. And this can be done without being in the police, a government official, or in the military. Take a look at these drones and their unique capabilities from these amazing companies such as Percepto , Skydio and FirstPort.

If you want to see more of these unique drones, their capabilities do a quick Google search for “autonomous drone in a box” and you will be amazed at what exists in today’s growing tech world.

Military, Emergency Services, and Police Usage.

Autonomous flight technology has been around for decades. Along with military use such as surveillance, autonomous flight drones are being used to search for missing persons by emergency services. Take a look at Tomahawk Robotics

Drones are an excellent tool to have equipped on any emergency vehicle because of their quietness and speed. These drones can be outfitted with powerful cameras, infra-red sensors, or other equipment that enable them to navigate through woods, farmland, snowstorms, or heavy rain to find a missing child or elderly person quickly instead of relying on animals or people searching on foot.

Recently, the first real-time aerial mapping of a disaster site has occurred. This was done by an Australian company called Flyability using their Gimball drone that is completely autonomous and safe to fly around people or inside buildings.

How Can Autonomous Flight Be Used Professionally?

There are many ways this technology can be used, besides surveying and 3d mapping. It can be used for extreme cinematography as well. The ability to fly autonomously creates endless opportunities for movie magic. The ability to fly these drones autonomously can save time and money getting shots that are impossible to get any other way.

Imagine being able to program a drone so it can fly from a church, circle around to a house and a yard, and then fly through doors and windows of the house and out the other side! This is what is done today in cinematography and it barely scratches the surface.

  • Autonomous drones are now being used to inspect gas and oil pipelines internally by flying the drones down the pipe autonomously.
  • Autonomous drones are false being used to inspect disaster areas and search buildings where humans can’t immediately get to.

How Can Autonomous Flight Be Used by Hobbyists?

Autonomous drones are affordable for anyone to use. They aren’t just locked behind closed doors in military operations or inaccessible to hobbyists only. These days there are different autonomous drones available for everyone’s budget.

Drones like the Phantom series camera-carrying quadcopters come with an app that allows you to perform a preprogrammed flight pattern and start shooting video or stills. Much more, there are companies like Skydio that are making affordable autonomous drones for hobbyists such as their Skydio 2.

With the relatively lower prices and capabilities of autonomous flight drones nowadays, anyone from hobbyists for mapping property to professionals looking for a tool that will save time and increase production value in their work is making use of these flying machines. Do you think you would purchase an autonomous flight drone for your business or hobby? Drop us a comment and let us know what you think.

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