Are UFOs Drones?

The quest to know what a UFO actually is is infectious. Now that the military has openly admitted to researching UFOs or what they call UAPs it’s now becoming more mainstream to talk about the unknown. But here is the real question, are UFOs or UAPs or whatever you choose to call them, manned or unmanned? Are UFOs drones?

After thinking and looking at the millions of videos available on youtube and images across all social media platforms and search engines it begs the question; are these UFOs manned crafts or unmanned crafts? If you compare the top-of-the-line drones available on the market to the abilities of some of these images they are eerily similar with the exception of speed.

It is obvious if you compare the speed of these images to the top speeds of racing drones they do not even compare. The current top speed of a racing drone is 179mph (source: and the images of some of these crafts are much much faster. However, if you consider maneuverability and the ability to abruptly change direction it does seem more likely that many of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) could in fact be drones from another planet.

There is no question that there are aircraft or spacecraft that cannot be identified and we have no idea what they are. They could be test aircraft from secret projects from other countries, though very unlikely due to the long history of UFOs. Or they could be misidentified drones or Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) as they are officially called (source: FAA).

For this article, we are going to dive into the Drone perspective, though it is fascinating to write and talk about UFOs.

So, Are UFOs Drones?

Yes, in many cases drones are not identified correctly when the public sees a UFO. However, very soon there will be a solution for this. Starting on September 16 2022 all drones in the USA above 250 grams must be registered and tracked using Remote ID . By September 16 2023 all drone manufacturers must comply with this new law and have a tracking system built into each drone they manufacture. If you want to know more about this check out our article on Hobbyist Registration.

This system will lay the foundation for the FAA to not only track your drone but also know if you are not flying it safely or correctly. Additionally having the ability to know what is a drone and what is not a drone now will provide insight to authorities. Now in real-time, they can compare UFO sightings and help determine if they could be misidentified drones or if they are actually UFOs or UAPs.

Until then, it is probably safe to assume that all unidentified flying objects are drones. Yes, even drones from other worlds. No one actually knows what UFOs are, even the military.

So there you go Are UFOs Drones? Yes, until we implement the Remote ID solution in 2022-2023 it will be difficult to track where they come from or who operates them if they are used illegally or unsafely around other aircraft in controlled airspace or if they are from worlds unknown.

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