If you are looking to start a drone business now is the time.

The market is estimated to grow by $41.3 Billion by 2026 and there are plenty of opportunities. The drone sector is broken into 3 main categories. 1. Software, 2. Hardware and 3. Service-based industry.

The service-based industry is the largest growing category of the drone industry and if you are interested in building a drone business this is where you should focus. The Hardware and software industry is established and very competitive.

Here is a list of 17 different Drone Business Ideas you can start today!

1 – Real Estate Videos:

Real estate videos – Real Estate agents and managers want clients to see the property they are trying to sell or rent. You can offer this service using drones with video cameras attached to them. Improving real estate sales by adding aerial video will result in more money for you.

2 – Land Surveys:

Land surveys – This is one of the best uses for drones because it helps save people time and money. Instead of waiting weeks or months for surveyors on foot or even earthmovers and other construction equipment, people can get their land surveyed in days or even hours with drones and GPS technology

3 – Building Inspections:

Building inspections – This is another popular use for drones and it’s a great business idea. Real estate investors can benefit from drone inspections, homeowners can get an accurate 3-D model of their property with a drone inspection, and insurance companies can use drone inspections to determine the cost of repairs after a disaster.

4 – Wedding Photography:

Wedding photography – Weddings can be a big source of income for some people and drone photography is a great way to get a part of this market.

5 – Resort Marketing:

Marketing services at resorts – This is another good use for drones because resorts have beautiful landscapes and aerial photos of these places will attract more customers, which means more money for the business owner.

6 – Powerline inspections:

Powerline inspections – If you want to start a drone business that will make you money then powerlines inspection may be perfect because powerlines are dangerous and they need to be inspected often. Utility companies spend time and resources inspecting them but with your drone, you can make their life easier and cheaper.

7 – Mining Inspections/Survey:

Mining inspections/surveys – The mining industry is always in need of new technologies and drones are a great way to make money for them. While drone use isn’t general practice in the mining industry it will be soon because drones have proven their worth in other industries.

8 – Farming Drones:

Agricultural applications – Farming can be very time-consuming work but with drones, you can inspect crops, map fields, monitor livestock, spray pesticides or herbicides, etc. All this will save farmers time while making them more money so they will definitely hire you for your services.

9 – Delivery Services:

Delivery services – This is another possible business idea that you can do using drones to deliver anything from food to medicine to personal items like cell phones, books, etc. This is still in the very early stage at this time but it’s growing fast so you can expect drone delivery services to really take off in 2022-2026

10 – Racing Drones:

Racing drones – If you’re looking for a fun way to make money then consider racing drones as a business idea. People love watching races either live or on TV and they will pay good money to watch some of the best pilots race.

11 – Search and Rescue:

Search and rescue – Drones are being used more and more for search and rescue missions because they can effectively cover large areas much faster than helicopters or even search teams. This is a perfect drone business idea that can save lives.

12 – Construction Inspections:

Construction inspections – As construction companies continue to grow, so will the need for drones in construction inspection projects. Drone inspections can reduce costs up to 50% which means more money in the pockets of businesses owners.

13 – Surveillance and Security:

Security inspections/Surveillance – These applications are similar when it comes to the type of drone business but they both involve security. Businesses, especially in big cities like New York City, always need extra security to find and catch thieves. Drones can be used to keep an eye on things that humans can’t keep an eye on. Drones can be outfitted with night visions cameras to help security teams do their work even better.

14 – Landscape photography:

Landscape photography – If you’re into photography then this is a drone business idea that you definitely should consider because landscape photography is often viewed by many people. This is also an activity where drones excel at because they allow pilots to take high-quality photos easily without breaking their backs or legs with all the climbing involved. #4 Faster response times – With drones flying so fast (up to 80 mph), they can get to places much faster making them ideal for “first responders” when it comes to accidents.

15 – Inspection Services:

Inspection services – Now you might be thinking…what kind of inspections? Well, the sky’s the limit when considering potential drone business ideas, and here are a few to consider:

– roof inspections

– power line inspections

– wind turbine blade inspections

– cell tower inspections

16 – Business Marketing:

Business marketing – As we’ve said earlier, drones can film high-quality aerial videos which you can then use as part of your company’s marketing strategy. This is one way that you can attract more customers using technology. You’ll be surprised at how many businesses will spend money on drone video footage rather than hiring someone to take it for them.

17 – Event coverage:

Event coverage – Drones are great at capturing events from the sky so this could be another lucrative and fun drone business idea.

As with any business, there are associated startup costs as well as standard business licenses. You will need to check with your local municipalities before starting any of these businesses and spend time researching your potential market. However, before you jump into your first business idea consider whether or not it can be combined with another drone business idea as a way to increase revenue and save time. For example, if you’re already in the security drone business then why not branch out into landscape photography services as well for extra income?

How much money do I need to start a drone business?

The answer varies from one company to another because some businesses require very little startup money while others require a ton of cash. However, there are also many different types of drones that you can use for various indoor and outdoor operations. You’ll need to research your target market and find out if any big companies are operating in the same space as your potential drone business. If there’s no competition, then you can price your services very low in order to get customers coming in. However, if there’s a ton of competition from big fish in the pond, then it might be best for you to raise your prices because these companies already have well-established clientele and brand names that could put you out of business.

Should I have a drone pilot’s license to fly commercially?

Yes, you will need a drone pilot’s license before starting any type of drone business. Even the FAA has realized the potential behind this technology and is taking action to make sure that airspace is regulated as drones become more popular. Some drone businesses may be able to operate without a commercial certification but if you plan on earning money from your business then it’s best to get a Drone Pilots Certification.

Should I have commercial insurance for my business?

Yes, you should always have commercial insurance for your drone business. As a business owner, you know that anything can happen at any time and it’s best to be prepared in the event of a lawsuit or property damage. You’ll need to get extra liability insurance above and beyond your personal policies because flying drones come with additional risks not found in normal use. Of course, if something goes wrong then you may find yourself in court defending your actions but having commercial drone insurance can help give you peace of mind when conducting business outside of your home.

How long will it take for my drone business idea to become profitable?

In most cases, this is dependent on how big your market is. If there are millions of potential customers waiting in line to buy your drone services, then you’ll be able to start making money within a month or two of business. However, if there is very little market demand for your products and services then it might take years before you see any profits from your business idea. Of course, this also depends on how much capital you have available as startups typically fail because they run out of funds before they can catch on with enough people.

What are some other drone business ideas?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to starting a drone company but we suggest focusing on the service-based industry since this has the largest potential for future growth.

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