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What started as a blog about aerospace technology and old aerospace technology has been transformed over time into a blog about drones. We do post the occasional interesting UFO and UAP article but mostly provide information for the drone enthusiast. We are lovers of drones and enjoy sharing what we learn. The information we share is for the hobbyists and the side hustlers. For those wanting to turn their hobby into a business, we offer information and ideas. For those who want to learn about drones in general or want more hobby info, we offer that too. Occasionally we may research and post other tech articles too. If you love our site and like what we are doing please feel free to share our articles on your social pages. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read what we are about.

Aerothusiast Owner Ron Estes

Owner – Ron Estes

Freelance Copyrighter and Content Creator, drone lover, and self-proclaimed electronic geek. I love learning about drones both the hobby side and the emerging business side of this amazing and growing technology. Originally this site was owned by another writer and they created content about old technology and aerospace, I loved the name but wasn’t as interested in general airspace technology as I was drones and electronics. There are a few remaining articles that will stay on here forever but all future content will be devoted to Drones, sUAS, UAVs, and the occasional UFO or UAP article, with maybe a dash of tech.

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